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Credit score


Your credit score is a reflection of your credit health. The good news is, your credit score isn’t static, and if you do find your score a bit low, you can improve it.

Amount or value of what you owe

Owing too much on your loans and credit facilities can bring your credit score down over time.  Ensure that you are only using credit products that you need.

Consumer Age

Your age can also impact your credit score, but it is always used in combination with other factors. Whether you're 18 or 65, you can still influence your credit score!

Court Judgments

Outstanding court judgements negatively impact your credit score.   Follow up and fully settle any outstanding payment obligations to improve your credit score

Credit Payment Discipline

Missing credit payments indicates financial difficulty, making it less likely that credit providers will grant you credit. Falling behind on your credit payments makes debt harder to manage, negatively impacting your credit score.

High Outstanding Balances

If you currently owe a high amount on different loans it negatively impacts your score.  High amounts of short-term, micro or payday loans are likely to bring down your credit score over time. Focus on paying these off to help make your debt more manageable.

Recent credit applications

Taking out too many loans within a short period of time usually makes debt harder to manage and negatively impacts your credit score.  Consider paying off multiple credit products which are no longer needed in order to make your debt easier to manage.

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