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10 Benefits to using our app

Wherever you are or wherever you’re going, banking has never been this easy and convenient. With your Standard Bank App, it only takes reaching into your pocket to fulfil your every banking need.

Our Banking App is the quickest and safest way to manage your money with everything you need in one place. From transactions to opening accounts and a comprehensive view of your finances 24/7, it’s all available at your fingertips.

Here are 10 advantages to downloading and using the app on your smartphone or device:

1. Putting you in control

Self-service banking lets you enjoy complete control over your finances by monitoring your balances and transferring money between your accounts. You also get alerted when money is deposited into or paid from your account, so you always know exactly where your money is.

2. Round-the-clock availability

Skip the trip to the bank: you don’t have to go anywhere. Do it all from your phone as and whenever it suits you. There are no restrictive branch hours, long queues or forms to fill in.

3. Simple and accessible

Our user-friendly design lets you view and access all your accounts from a single place. You can also open new accounts, view your PIN, apply for loans and get stamped statements, bank letters and tax certificates.

4. Manage your money

Manage your personal, car or home loan straight from the app. Link your accounts to your share trading profile, manage card limits, set up or change debit orders and submit and track insurance claims.

5. Safe and secure banking

Rest assured that your payments, transfers and banking activity are safeguarded on the app. Sign-in is secure with your fingerprint or password, and all your data transfers are encrypted.

6. Convenience in your pocket

Make payments and transfers, check balances and get your statements without your card, from home or on the go.

7. Innovative features

Do more than just banking. Save time and money doing everyday tasks, such as buying data, airtime and electricity, and playing the Lotto straight from your app. Plus, you can create a Virtual Card for purchases online or on your favourite apps.

8. It’s rewarding

Manage your UCount Rewards profile and card within the app, achieve your personalised goals and earn vouchers or Rewards Points.

9. It’s free

There is no sign-up fee or monthly subscription cost. You also don’t get charged data when using the app in South Africa, no matter which network you’re on.

10. It’s paperless

By digitising all your banking capabilities, you can do everything from the app without the need for paperwork. It also means you don’t need to worry about bank statements in the mail or throwing away sensitive information in the trash, and it’s better for the environment.

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