South Africa
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Financial services 27 March 2020

Business continues during lockdown period

As South Africa enters its official lockdown period, Standard Bank has activated its business continuity measures to ensure that we continue to offer the same level of service as expected by our customers and as directed by the Disaster Management Act.

Banks are considered an essential service, which means our branches, call centres, point-of-sale services and ATMs will operate over the next 21 days. ATMs will be stocked as usual. Should demand for cash increase at any time over this period and our ATM is not close to you or cash is temporarily unavailable at your local ATM, please use any ATM from another bank. The banking sector has collectively decided to waive Saswitch fees during the lockdown. This means that a customer can use any ATM – including those offered by competing banks – and only pay the usual fees charged This will come into effect from Saturday 28 March. Normal Saswitch fees will apply to balance enquiries as well as declined transactions.

If customers need to withdraw cash, we encourage them to thoroughly wash their hands before and after using an ATM and handling money. This is in line with healthcare protocols and efforts to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

Standard Bank would like to continue to encourage customers to make use of digital, contact-free channels to transact. When visiting shops, customers are encouraged to pay for goods and services with their cheque, debit or credit cards at point-of-sale machines with the tap-to-pay functionality, or with the SnapScan app.channels when transacting.

We ask that customers inform us immediately if they are experiencing any issues in our branches or at our ATMs so that we can assist in rectifying the situation as quickly as possible.