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Charge, or credit?

Company cards

Consolidate company-wide spending on day-to-day expenses with payment cards that help improve cash flow and accountability.

Some of the benefits

Globally accepted

Choose between a MasterCard or Visa commercial card

Favourable terms

Improve cash flow with 55 days interest-free

Personalised cards

Company and individual’s name are embossed on the card

Corporate liability waiver

Get automatic protection against fraud or misuse
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Earn Rewards Points for every rand you spend using your credit, cheque or debit card


Sign up for R 22.19 a month to start collecting Rewards Points, and activate your Rewards card to redeem them


Collect Rewards Points whenever you pay by credit, cheque or debit card


Use your Rewards card to redeem points at our online malls, at Caltex for fuel, or at our Rewards Retailers

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