South Africa
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Lease, or buy

Vehicle and asset finance

Buy or lease vehicles or capital equipment, or get bridging finance for local or international goods you want to order.

Some of the benefits

Flexible terms

Structure your monthly repayments to suit your needs and cash flow

Linked or fixed

Pay fixed interest from month-to-month, or link your repayments to the prime rate

Access facility

Reduce interest by linking your finance agreement to an Access Finance Account

Your terms

Repayment amounts, initial payments and balloon payments are negotiable
What do you need financing for?
Commercial vehicles

Need a delivery van, flat-bed truck or an HCV? We’ll give you great terms on the finance plan you prefer.

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Foreign or local goods

Secure payment for goods being manufactured or imported, and start your main finance plan on collection.

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Capital equipment

Buy or lease the equipment that you need to do business now, rather than saving up for it over the long term.

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