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Our investment solutions

When it comes to investments, we know that one size does not fit all. We have the investment expertise and specialist investment solutions to help you grow your wealth.

Some of the benefits

Global exposure

Our global footprint will help you diversify your investments

Investment expertise

Our strategic asset allocation strategy optimises performance and gives you risk-adjusted returns

Range of solutions

Choose from investment solutions that cater to the full spectrum of risk appetites and return objectives

Offshore benefits

Look abroad with confidence and benefit from tax-efficient ways to better manage your wealth
Our offerings
Unit Trusts
Unit trust

Invest in a simple and easy way to grow, protect or earn an income from your savings.

Local Goal Standard Funds New
Local GoalStandard fund

Get access to local multi-managers and goal-based investment solutions.

Global Goal Standard New
Global GoalStandard fund

Get access to global multi-managers with goal-based investment solutions to help you meet your needs.

Tax FreeInves tment Accounts
Tax-free investment solutions

Invest in a wide range of tax-free investment solutions.


A Liberty endowment is a great way to start growing your wealth through regular contributions.

Guaranteed Investment Plans
Guaranteed Investment Plans

Invest with confidence in a Liberty guaranteed investment plan.

Guaranteed Income Annuity
Guaranteed Income Annuity

A Liberty Guaranteed Income Annuity provides you with an easy way to guarantee a fixed and regular income.

Structured Products N
Structured Products

A structured product is a great way to start growing your wealth.

Traded Funds Online
ETF trade and invest

Get direct access to a wide range of Exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Tools to guide you
Investment Planning New
Investment Planning

Goals-based investing changes how you think about money and gets you closer to your lifestyle goals.

Invest To Create Wealth
Digital saving and investing

To start saving, use our Digital Save & Invest feature on our Banking app.