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Make foreign payments with confidence

Foreign Exchange

Standard Bank's Foreign Exchange (FX) team comprises innovative and experienced staff with a broad skill set catering to a diversified international and domestic client base. We provide our clients with a full suite of solutions, digitally and traditionally to meet all their forex and cross border needs.



Get live exchange rates 24/7 and make foreign currency payments with ease


Buy and sell forex at the most competitive rates

Peace of mind

Benefit from our currency hedging solutions and manage exchange rate and business performance risk

Optimised trade

Manage risks arising from international trade related products
Make international payments on a digital platform
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Payments on internet banking

Get a live exchange rate and make payments to overseas beneficiaries with ease.

International Banking Foreign Exchange (IBFX)
International banking foreign exchange (IBFX)

IBFX for business forex and payment requirements.

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eMarketTrader is a web based cross-asset electronic trading platform for your business.

 New eMarketTrader mobile content tile
eMarketTrader Mobile

Leverage the power of your mobile to support your business’s foreign exchange requirements.

Forex Expertise
Client Experience Desk
Client experience desk

Your access to advisory team managed by a group of qualified foreign exchange specialists.

Centralised treasury
Centralised treasury

Standard Bank Centralised Treasury - A single point of contact for FX.

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Cross-border payments

List of necessary documentation when submitting your cross border payment

Renminbi Content tile

Standard Bank provides a centralised solution for payment clearing and trade settlements in Renminbi.

Business Travel
Foreign Notes-Content Tile
Foreign notes for your business

Are you travelling abroad for business purposes? Get foreign currency notes delivered to your work.