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Workplace solutions

Get the most out of your employees by helping to make financial security a reality for them. Our workplace solutions make it easier to pay unbanked staff, and offers special benefits and support to get them into the banking system.

Some of the benefits

Workplace banking

Give your staff one-on-one, professional help so they can achieve their financial goals

Safe and convenient

PIN-enabled prepaid debit cards offer new ways to easily pay unbanked staff salaries

Online management

Take full control of Instant Money and PayCard payments with our online tools
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Healthcare Solutions for Your Employees

Help your employees access affordable healthcare with one of our comprehensive healthcare plans

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Salary Payments

Easily make bulk salary payments via Standard Bank’s secure Internet Banking platform and ensure your employees get paid on time, every time.

Cash solutions
Employer Value Banking

Help employees achieve financial security with regular, structured workplace banking days

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Instant Money Bulk Payments

Pay staff or suppliers by sending Instant Money directly to their phone or digital wallet

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Struggling to pay staff with no bank account? Now you can, with this prepaid debit card

Prepaid card solutions
Prepaid card solutions

Every business needs to take care of unique expenses that may arise from time to time, and we’ve got the prepaid cards to enable this without the risk or inconvenience of carrying cash.

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Financial planning

Protect your business from the loss of key personnel who are central to the long-term viability of your enterprise.

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PaySpace Payroll and HR Solutions

PaySpace offers a cloud-based, single instance multi-tenant architected HCM and payroll solution for any size business.