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Healthcare 13 April 2022

Banking solutions designed for healthcare professionals

The private healthcare sector in South Africa continues to see tremendous growth, particularly in light of the pandemic. The challenges faced by the public healthcare sector in supplying quality services in response to an increasing demand by South Africans has further highlighted the importance of private healthcare businesses.

Medical professionals and healthcare business owners face a unique set of challenges in their day-to-day activities and for them to be able to successfully continue to operate, they need to have the right resources and business products that specifically cater to their needs.

As Standard Bank, we understand the medical industries unique needs and, as such, have created holistic healthcare offering. Our holistic banking solutions are designed to help start, manage and grow your healthcare practice and our products ensure that you can take care of your finances and financial wellness while still keeping your focus on the well-being of your patients. Some of the benefits include:

  • Preferential rates on the Private Signature Account, POS devices and medical equipment
  • Complete insurance package tailored to both the practice and personal cover, including malpractice cover
  • Access to medical practice consulting (MPC) CPD services for free when banking on our healthcare platform
  • Hassle-free medical aid switching from your existing bank to Standard Bank
  • A value proposition that brings universal banking to your employees with a focus on financial wellness in the form of employer value banking (EVB)

We provide funding and other types of business development support to healthcare providers to ensure that we can play a role in supporting better health outcomes for South Africans.

The private healthcare sector in South Africa will continue to be a great asset for our country as it plays a pivotal role in ensuring that South Africans receive quality healthcare services.