South Africa

Protect your ID and personal info

Fraudsters may try to steal your purse, wallet, or even your mail to access personal information like your ID or passport number, driver’s licence, payslip, municipal bills or bank statements.

They will try to use this information to assume your identity, open bank or retail accounts and take out loans or insurance policies in your name.

Tips to prevent ID theft:

  • Store personal and financial documents in a safe place
  • Destroy or shred any confidential papers before throwing them away
  • Don’t carry unnecessary information in your wallet or purse
  • Create strong bank passwords and PINs
  • Be alert when sharing or using personal information on your accounts
  • Never share personal or banking information or OTP via email, SMS, or telephone
  • If your purse or wallet is lost or stolen, stop all your accounts and cards immediately and alert the police
  •  Apply for protective registration via the South African Fraud Prevention Services (SAFPS)