Is it safe to do banking on your phone?

Cellphone scams are becoming more common because of the increasing popularity of Cellphone Banking. It is therefore important to ensure that your cellphone is locked at all times and never left unattended whilst signed into your Cellphone Banking profile.

To protect your data and information, every Cellphone Banking transaction is uniquely encrypted. You can also follow our tips on how to bank safely on your cellphone:

  • Always access our website by typing into your web browser.
  • Dial *120*2345# or *130*2345# to access Cellphone Banking.
  • Secure your device with a strong password and PIN, pattern password, or fingerprint.
  • Sign out of your Cellphone Banking profile as soon as you’ve completed your transaction.
  • Don’t store any banking credentials such as ATM PIN, card number, passwords etc., on your cellphone.
  • Install a reputable and secure up-to-date anti-virus application on all your devices.
  • Let us know if your cellphone number changes, so we can update your details.
  • Never share your personal details, OTP or account information via email, SMS or telephone.
  • Don’t reply to any unsolicited emails, even if they claim to be from us.
  • Don’t click on any links or attachments in unsolicited emails or SMS from unknown parties.
  • Register for MyUpdates so you’re always notified of any activity on your account.
  • If you lose network reception on your cellphone, immediately check what the problem could be (you could be a victim of a SIM swap scam).
  • If your cellphone is lost, stolen or not in your possession, contact our Online Fraud Line immediately on 0800 020 600 to report that your device is no longer in your possession and block your profile.
  • You can also follow our easy steps on how to de-link your digital profile from your Banking App or Internet Banking.