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Transport and logistics

Whether you want to buy or lease vehicles for your company, control your fuel costs or outsource your fleet maintenance, we have a solution for you. With more than 40 years of experience in the transport and logistics sector, we offer flexible fleet management services and vehicle and asset financing solutions tailored to meet your business needs.

Need financing for capital assets?
Business Online

Manage all your enterprise banking on this standalone, secure platform. From simple transactions and transfers, to local and cross-border trade deals and forex payments, you have full control over how you handle your finances.

Vehicle and asset finance

Buy or lease vehicles or capital equipment, or get bridging finance for goods.

Fleet Management product detail
Fleet management solutions

Streamline operations with managed maintenance plans, key performance reports, easy-admin forms and charge cards.

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Vehicles and asset insurance

Protect your commercial vehicles wherever they go, as well as the debt you still owe on them.

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Savings and investment accounts

Earn top rates with business-focused savings accounts that help you grow your cash and future stability.

Some of our case studies
Case study: End-to-end fleet and risk management
Case study: End-to-end fleet and risk management

Our client required an end-to-end solution for the business’ transport and fleet management requirements.

Case study: Fleet management solutions
Case study: Fleet management solutions

Vehicles are expensive to buy, equip and maintain. Our client owned a growing number of vehicles and required a fleet management solution to ensure maximum business mileage.