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Farmers: the heartbeat of our economy


It’s easy to forget the importance of the farming industry and the impact it has on our lives, even though what they grow is crucial to the growth of South Africa. That’s why we’re committed to provide farmers with a full banking suite that includes everything from working capital to crop insurance. Because when a farmer wins, we all win.

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Tap into our agri expertise to help turn your agribusiness into a powerhouse of tomorrow at BizConnect™.

3 Steps to a winning strategy for your agribusiness
Great leadership starts with serving your people
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Need solutions to manage your cash flow and liquidity?
Manage the flows of cash in your agribusiness with the right mix of financial solutions.
production loan
Agricultural production loan

Manage your yield and price risk with a production loan for the season.

AgriBus_Business Revolving credit plan content tile
Business Revolving credit plan

Open a line of business credit to use as working capital or bridging finance to expand your operations or make acquisitions.

AgriBus_Business Overdraft content tile
Business Overdraft

As a short-term credit facility on your Business Current Account, your overdraft is a quick and convenient way to free up your cash flow.

Need financing for capital assets?
Invest in your capital assets with the right vehicle, asset or property finance solution.
AgriBus_Vehicle and asset finance content tile
Vehicle and asset finance

Buy or lease vehicles or capital equipment, or get bridging finance for goods.

AgriBus_Commercial property finance content tile
Commercial property finance

Finance the buying or leasing of agricultural land.

Taking care of your people
Employees are among your most valuable agribusiness assets. We can help you look after them.
Workplace solutions content tile
Workplace banking

Pay unbanked employees more securely, or support them with special benefits and access to the banking system.

Instant Money Bulk Payments content Tile V2
Instant Money Bulk Payments

Make Instant Money transfers to multiple recipients directly from your business account using a web interface.

Need help managing your risk?
Guard against disruption, damages, losses or liability with cover that’s relevant to you and your field of business.
AgriBus_Farm and family asset insurance content tile
Farm and family asset insurance

Insure your personal and start-up, small or large commercial farming assets in a single policy with experienced agri insurance brokers.

AgriBus_Crop or livestock insurance content tile
Crop or livestock insurance

Protect your livelihood with basic or comprehensive insurance that’s custom-made for your farming business.

Time to put your capital to work?
Ensure that your cash assets earn interest and continue to work for you.
Savings and investment accounts

We offer a range of investment solutions – ranging from short-term investments with immediate access to funds, to long-term investments designed to meet your future business

Ready to start banking with us?
Make and receive payments conveniently and securely, and control your cash flow with better visibility.
BB_Business_Current_Account_ Product Details
Business current account

Being able to move your money around freely is what keeps you in business. We help you do it safely

BB_BizLaunch account product detail
Bizlaunch Account

Get your business up and running with a business bank account that offers special rates on business tools, guidance and support if your start-up is under a year old, and free access to internet, cellphone and telephone banking. The BizLaunch Account gives you all the functionality of a standard current account, but with the added benefit of bundled pricing.

BB_Company Card content tile
Company cards

Consolidate company-wide spending on day-to-day expenses with payment cards that help improve cash flow and accountability.

Some of our case studies
Q&A: How we help agriculture businesses
Case study: Assisting with BBBEE partners

In a positive step for transformation, an agribusiness client in the Western Cape wanted to share ownership of the farming operations with his workers, giving them a stake in the profits.

Fleet management solution
Case study: Fleet management solutions for agri producers

Our client, a large vegetable producer, required a fleet management solution to help in the day-to-day operation, maintenance and upgrading of vehicles used to transport produce to market.

BEE partnership solution_article
Case study: Paying seasonal workers and providing benefits for permanent employees

Our client, a fruit farmer, needed a payment solution to enable him to pay unbanked seasonal workers, and a benefits package for his permanent employees to show them he was invested in their future.

Q&A: How we help agriculture businesses
Q&A: How we help agriculture businesses

Nico Groenewald, Head: Agriculture at Standard Bank, discusses the unique challenges that agribusinesses face and how we can support business owners in their growth and expansion aspirations.