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How SnapStore Pro can improve your business

Manage multiple payment methods using one card machine.

1.    Advanced technology for advancing customer payments
2.    Introducing SnapStore Pro

Innovation in technology, if taken advantage of, can help your business flourish.

Payment methods have become more diverse, and as a business, you need to keep up with the innovative ways digital payment methods have made operations easier.

Providing multiple payment method options through your point-of-sale device can help unlock new customers.

A recent study found that at least 95% of people have tried alternative digital payment methods in the last 12 months. Those participants also said they would use these alternative digital payment methods again in the next 12 months. (Business Tech 2022)

So how do you tap into that market?

Introducing SnapStore Pro, the new payment solution developed by SnapScan and powered by Standard Bank. The device allows businesses to have an all-in-one card machine that combines multiple payment methods into 1 device. The card machine is Wi-Fi enabled and comes with a SIM card preloaded with data. 


5 ways the SnapStore Pro machine can improve your business

1. Every sale counts: Avoid missing the opportunity to close every sale by providing the customer with their preferred method of payment. 

<Tip> With SnapStore Pro, customers can tap, swipe or insert their Mastercard or Visa bank card and use alternative mobile methods such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Garmin Pay.

2. Improved customer service: With SnapStore Pro, you will spend less time moving to different payment methods. 

<Tip>: SnapStore Pro is efficient during peak business times by providing faster customer service and giving you time to engage with your buyers. 

3Less admin: Organising your transaction history from different payment tools is a thing of the past.

<Tip>: SnapStore Pro provides all your payment places in a summary, including reports on sales, tips and a search tool of your transactional history. 

4. Pay 1 transactional rate: Forget keeping track of different transactional rates for your payment tools; just pay 1 rate for all payments.

<Tip> The more transactions on SnapStore Pro, the less you pay. 

5. Personalised support: If you ever have issues with your account, SnapScan does provide centralised support via email and call. 

For more information and if you are interested in signing up, visit the SnapScan website.


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