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Empowering businesses through renewable energy: a case study of Waboomsrivier Wynkelder

The context

The increasing cost of power and frequent power outages have posed significant challenges for businesses, impacting their operations and profitability. Waboomsrivier Wynkelder, a winery relying on a consistent power supply for irrigation and temperature-sensitive operations, found it difficult to plan ahead and cope with the impact of load shedding. Traditional backup generators were costly and not feasible for the price-sensitive winery market.


The challenge

Waboomsrivier Wynkelder faced several challenges due to the rising power costs and unreliable supply. The winery's inability to pass on generator costs to clients hindered their ability to maintain competitiveness, and load shedding interruptions threatened the quality of their end product. Finding a sustainable and cost-effective solution became imperative.

The solution

In light of their power-related challenges, Waboomsrivier Wynkelder turned to their banking partner for assistance. Recognizing the bank's focus on the agricultural sector and dedicated solutions, the winery explored alternative options. The bank's PowerPulse platform emerged as the ideal solution to address Waboomsrivier Wynkelder's energy needs.

The outcome

By partnering with the bank's PowerPulse platform, Waboomsrivier Wynkelder underwent an upfront feasibility analysis, engaged with accredited suppliers, and received a comprehensive comparison report. These resources allowed the winery to make informed decisions about their transition to renewable energy. Ultimately, Waboomsrivier Wynkelder invested in a 418kWp grid-tied solar PV system, supported by an asset finance facility.

The adoption of renewable energy resulted in substantial monthly savings for the winery. Not only did this solution prove economically beneficial, but it also addressed the winery's commitment to sustainability and reduced their carbon footprint. With a reliable and eco-friendly power source, Waboomsrivier Wynkelder could mitigate the impact of load shedding on their operations, ensuring a consistent and high-quality end product.

This case study highlights the potential for businesses to overcome power-related challenges and embrace renewable energy solutions, fostering both financial and environmental sustainability. Through the collaboration with their banking partner and the adoption of solar PV, Waboomsrivier Wynkelder exemplifies how businesses can navigate the changing landscape of power supply and create a positive impact on their operations and the environment.

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Maudene van Rooyen
Specialist: Natural Resources, Power and Sustainable Solutions Business and Commercial Banking. Standard Bank

"Waboomsrivier Wynkelder-Winery has gained significant advantage from PowerPulse. This includes upfront feasibility analysis, introductions to accredited solution providers, a comprehensive comparison report elucidating essential principles and variables crucial for informed decision-making."

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