Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions regarding international payments and how it works? Read our frequently asked questions to get the answers you’re looking for.

When making an international payment, can I upload my supporting documents electronically?
Yes, you will be required to upload all of the necessary supporting documentation via Internet Banking as part of the payment instruction.
Which document formats do you accept?
Please ensure that the documentation is clearly legible and is in PDF or image (PNG, JPG, JPEG) format.
How do I convert my document to a PDF?

Open the document and click “File”, “Save As”, and then change the \""Save as type\"" to PDF and save the document.

Please note that merely changing the name of the document extension from e.g. XLS to PDF (Invoice22.xls to Invoice22.pdf) will not work. You need to resave the file as a PDF as explained above.

What is the maximum size of a document that is accepted?
Each attachment must be less than 4MB.
How do I submit updated/additional documents after the payment instruction was submitted?
Send an email with your additional documents to [email protected]. It is very important that you use your 'OT' transaction reference number (found on the confirmation page) as the subject of your email. Do not delay in sending these documents as Standard Bank needs enough time to review them prior to the value date of the transaction.
How do I add additional documents other than those that were specifically requested?
Click on the “Add more documents” button and upload any additional documents you feel are applicable to the international payment.
Can I upload one combined document that contains multiple required documents instead of uploading each document individually?
You can upload each document one by one or upload a bulk document that consists of all your required documents, as long as the attachment is less than 4MB.
My invoice states the terms of payment is 20% upfront and 80% later. Can I make one payment for the full amount?
No, this is not compliant with the South African Reserve Bank regulations. You must do 2 separate payments, one for the deposit and another one for the balance.
My quote/invoice/contract had a validity period that has now expired. Can I still make an international payment against this quote/invoice/contract?
No, you cannot as this is not compliant with the South African Reserve Bank regulations.
Can I make an international payment against an offer letter, or do I need a pro forma invoice?
You need a pro forma invoice. An offer letter alone is not compliant with the South African Reserve Bank regulations.
Does Internet Banking support one person capturing the payment and other(s) approving it before it is released?
No, this channel does not have segregation of duties. This means that you can only use this feature if no-one else in the company is required to approve the payment. Should your company have segregation of duties, you will need to utilise the Business Online channel or branch to do your international payments.
What does the status of my international payment mean?
  • [Number] days left to accept – You have a certain number of days left to respond with a reason why you received this payment for us to release the funds. After 30 days, the payment will expire and be returned to the sender.
  • In progress – Your payment is in progress and your money will be paid into your account within the next business day.
  • Processed – Your money has been successfully paid into your account.
  • Expired – The money has been returned to the sender as we did not get a response from you within 30 days.
  • Returned – The money was returned to the sender at your request.
  • Currency not supported – This currency is not supported on Internet Banking. 
Can I process my international payment over a weekend or on a public holiday?

You will be able to view both your individual and business incoming international payments at any time, however, over a weekend you can only process an incoming international payment in your individual capacity. You will not be able to process incoming international payments that are for your business on weekends.

What happens if I do not accept my payment within 30 days?

If you do not respond to the request for a BOP code within 30 days of the funds arriving at Standard Bank, the payment will be returned to the sender. The fees to send the money back to the sender will be taken from the amount that was sent to you and will not result in any fees coming from your account.

What is a CCN / Importers Code?

If you export goods out of South Africa, you need to register as an exporter with SARS and apply for a Customs Client Number (CCN). It is also called an Importers Code. A CCN is used to report export payments, for example, BOP category 101-01. Exports for advance payments also require a CCN number. A CCN needs to be 8 digits long to be valid. If your CCN is less than 8 digits long, add zeros to the beginning of your number to make it 8 digits long.

What is a UCR?

A UCR is the Unique Consignment Reference. It consists of the last digit of the calendar year of export, two letter country of origin code e.g. ZA, 8 digit exporters customs code, followed by a unique reference to the export in question (invoice number, consignment number, order number, etc.)

Can I receive an international payment on behalf of a third-party?

Yes, you can, but you will be required to provide the third-party’s information to us.

Can I receive a payment that is for multiple BOP categories or multiple invoices?

Yes, you can. You will need to provide the amount linked to each BOP category and ensure that the sum of the BOP code amounts to the total amount of inward funds.

Which account details do I need to provide to the sender?
  • Account type: It is recommended that you use a current / savings account to receive international payments. We don’t recommend using a vehicle loan, home loan or credit card account.
  • Standard Bank’s SWIFT address: SBZAZAJJ.
  • Branch/sort code: 051001. If this information is requested, please advise the sender to ensure that the branch code is not provided in the same field as your account number. 
  • Account number: Provide your Standard Bank current / savings account number.
Can I process incoming international payments into foreign currency accounts?

You cannot use Internet Banking to accept incoming international payments into foreign currency accounts. 

Kindly refer to your Relationship Banker / Manager or your Dedicated Service Consultant.

How do I edit/delete an existing Standing Settlement Instruction (SSI) to automatically clear funds?

Kindly refer to the following email address: Corrective Actions [email protected]

I get regular international payments for the same reason. How can I create a new Standing Settlement Instruction (SSI) to automatically clear funds?

Should you receive incoming international funds into the same account, in the same currency, for the same reason on a regular basis, you can set up an instruction to automatically clear your funds using the same BOP code each time.

How do I return payments to the sender?

If you received money incorrectly, or the currency or amount is incorrect, you will be able to return the funds to the sender. If you would like to return a payment,  Standard Bank will charge fees to send the money back. These fees will be deducted from the amount sent. Your account will not be charged any fees.

How do I view historic payments?

You will be able to view information about your past incoming international payments for 60 days. Simply sign into Internet Banking and click on “Transact” on the menu. Select “Incoming international payments” under the “History” tab.

When will I get my money?

You will be shown a value date or ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) on the channel when processing your transaction, which will consider things like weekends and public holidays. You will typically receive your funds within 1 business day after submission.

What is a BOP code (Reason for payment)?

South African legislation requires you to provide a reason why you are receiving money from outside South Africa. The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) uses a set of predetermined codes for this, called a Balance of Payment (BOP) code. Example, 401 Gift. If you do not know which BOP code to use, please contact  for assistance.

Which BOP codes are supported?

The supported BOP categories will be displayed on Internet Banking when you need to provide a reason for payment as part of the transaction. Certain BOP codes require additional information to be captured. Some of the more complicated BOP codes are not supported on Internet Banking. If your BOP code is not supported.

How do the fees work?

International payments result in fees from both the sending and receiving banks. If the sending bank does not have a direct relationship with the Standard Bank and the charge type that the sender chose is BEN or SHA, an intermediary bank will also be used to process the payment and they will charge processing fees which will be deducted from the amount sent to you. Depending on which fee option the sender chose, you as the Standard Bank client may be liable for bank fees. The options the sender can choose are:

  • BEN: If the sender chooses BEN as his fee option, you will be liable for all fees. The processing fees from the sending bank and any intermediary bank will be deducted from the amount that was sent to you, and Standard Bank will deduct their processing fees from your account.
  • SHA: If the sender chooses SHA as his fee option, you will be liable to pay for Standard Bank’s processing fees and any intermediary bank processing fees. The intermediary bank will deduct their fees from the amount sent to you.
  • OUR: If the sender chooses OUR as his fee option, then the sender will pay for the sending bank and Standard Bank's fees. There is a possibility that you may be liable for intermediary bank processing fees should there be any. If this occurs, these fees will be deducted from the amount that was sent to you.
Will I receive my concessionary pricing if I use Internet Banking to process my incoming international payment?

While you will not be shown your concessionary pricing on Internet Banking, when you are billed, you will receive your concessionary price. Also note that processing international incoming payments using Internet Banking is cheaper than calling the call centre.

Which exchange rate will I be offered?

When you receive an international payment in a foreign currency, we will convert the foreign currency amount into rand at the current exchange rate with the soonest value date based on time of the day and operating hours of the market. We will provide you with a quote that you can review before confirming.

Can I use a pre-booked forex deal to accept my payment?

If you want to use Internet Banking to process your incoming international payment, you can’t use a pre-booked forex deal. You will book a rate as part of the process on Internet Banking. If you would like to use a pre-booked forex deal to accept your payment, Kindly refer to your Relationship Banker / Manager or your Dedicated Service Consultant.

Can I choose a future date to process an ITT?

You will not be able to choose a future date to process the ITT. You will be offered the rate for the same or next business day depending on the time of day, and whether that day is a weekend or public holiday. Should you not like the rate provided, you can check back later and see if the rate has improved.

I can't see my incoming international payment on Internet Banking. Please advise?

Some incoming international payments are automatically processed into your account due to standing settlement instructions (SSI) being in place. If your payment requires action on your side, it will appear on Internet Banking as soon as your money is ready. If you are expecting funds but do not see your incoming international payment, please check that you are on the correct dashboard on Internet Banking.

Then ensure that the account where the payment has been sent to is linked to the card that is registered for that dashboard. If you are on the right dashboard, and your account is linked and the money is still not reflecting, check again later.

Should you require assistance with linking accounts to the card registered for Internet Banking, chat to your relationship manager or dial 086 012 3000.


Can businesses signed up for entitlements/segregation of duties use this feature?

If a business is registered for permissions manager, they will be blocked from using this feature. Kindly refer to your Relationship Banker / Manager or your Dedicated Service Consultant.

My transaction limit is reached. What should I do?

When the foreign exchange markets are closed over weekends, transactions over a certain amount aren’t allowed to be submitted. If you have a large transaction that is being limited, please submit your transaction again during business hours.

What does KYC invalid mean?

Your/your business’ identification information needs to be complete and correct to use this feature. Should your information be incomplete or incorrect, please contact your relationship manager or visit your nearest branch with your identity documents.

I require general assistance. Who should I contact?

Kindly refer to your Relationship Banker / Manager or your Dedicated Service Consultant.