South Africa

Case study: Paying seasonal workers and providing benefits for permanent employees

Our client, a fruit farmer, needed a payment solution to enable him to pay unbanked seasonal workers, and a benefits package for his permanent employees to show them he was invested in their future.


Payment of seasonal workers

  • During harvest season, our client employed a large workforce of seasonal employees to assist with the harvesting of fruit
  • The majority of the seasonal employees did not own bank accounts, and wages had to be paid in cash, which resulted in additional administration as well as the risk of theft and loss of money for the farmer

Benefits for employees

  • Our client also employed several permanent staff members that had been working on the farm for a number of years
  • The fruit farmer wanted to provide permanent staff with benefits to assist with their financial planning and future savings



  • We provided our client with a PayCard solution, which is a simple and convenient way to load wages onto a card, eliminating the hassle of drawing cash for salaries
  • The agri farmer could easily load funds onto each employees’ card via EFT as and when required

Employer value banking

  • We provided farm employees with assistance in their retirement planning, investments and insurance
  • Banking Days, training and literacy workshops were set up to assist the staff with financial planning