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Case study: Cash-and-carry payment solutions new
Retail and wholesale

Case study: Cash-and-carry payment solutions

Long queues can result in lost customers. Our retail client wanted a solution that would reduce queue time and improve customers’ overall payment experience.


  • A cash and carry wholesaler with over 30 checkout lanes was looking for a solution that would enable payments to be processed in real-time from multiple till points
  • Our client also wanted to provide additional value-added services to their customers at the store kiosk


  • We enabled our client to track transaction values and volumes from multiple tills with our AutoLane Integrated Solution, supporting efficient reconciliation and stock management
  • The Autolink Standalone offering at the kiosk enabled our client to offer airtime, electricity, Instant Money redemption and cash back to its customers and earn a commission
  • By providing the merchant with the Cash Back at POS and Instant Money Redemption, the merchant reduced the need to bank cash, and reduced the risk of storing a large amount of cash on the premises