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Case study: Improving cash flow management new
Retail and wholesale

Case study: Improving cash flow management

Cash flow management is a priority for retailers. Our client needed efficient solutions for receiving customer payments and buying additional stock.


  • Our retail client required immediate clearing of customer payments to assist with cash flow challenges
  • The client also required access to working capital so that the business could purchase more stock when required
  • In addition, the client needed a solution to help manage the difference between receiving customer payments and making supplier payments


  • Our payment solutions provided the client with the ability to make bulk and same-day payments to creditors
  • Salary and wage payments were simplified with our bulk payment options. In some instances, our client needed to pay casual workers with petty cash. We provided more convenient solutions through our PayCard and Instant Money products, which removed the need to withdraw and carry cash
  • We provided our client with a revolving credit plan that could be used to pay the day-to-day operating expenses
  • Our business investment solutions helped our client to improve cash flow and liquidity management with medium- and long-term deposit solutions