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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use my own Clearing and Forwarding Agent?

Our solution is built to incorporate the best-of-breed Clearing and Forwarding Agents, and you are given the option to choose one or more from our panel that best suit your business requirements.

Do I need to have a trade finance facility in place in order to utilise the Trade Suite product?

You have the option to apply for a trade finance facility or utilise your other Standard Bank account to make a payment in order to facilitate the Trade Suite offering.

Who manages my relationship with my Supplier?

You can either manage the relationship with your Supplier, or allow your dedicated Trade Partner to manage it on your behalf.

Does Trade Suite offer marine insurance?

Our trusted partners can quote and offer you their marine insurance products.

How do I pay my Supplier or LSP?

Your Trade Partner will obtain the required documentation through the import process to facilitate the payment on your behalf

Who monitors my cargo?

A dedicated, highly skilled Trade Suite Executive Partner will monitor all aspects of your trade lifecycle.

How do I know what duty I am expected to pay?

Our trusted partners provide all encompassing services, which includes a calculation of duties payable.

How do you ensure I get the correct cargo delivered?

Checks are performed on document by your Trade Partner, which include variance checking.

Can there be an inspection of my cargo prior to shipment?

An optional service is available where Trade Suite can also assist clients by putting them in touch with world-class inspection agencies that can perform an inspection check on products at the country of origin and country of destination.

How do I know I am moving my cargo on the correct incoterm?

Your Trade Partner will always provide you with the best advice on all your import related queries, including incoterms, transit times, etc.

Can I tailor-make my solution to fit my requirements?

Absolutely, Trade Suite has been developed as a modularised solution, thereby allowing clients to pick and choose the services that fit their needs.

How do I know how much my landed cost will be for my goods?

Our Landed Cost Calculator provides a real-time all-in per unit cost for every order.