South Africa

TOP 10 Companies

Top 10 Companies
Capital Guard   Pty Ltd

Specialises in security services, technical security systems and maintenance services, escorting campaigns and VIP / close protection and more.

Corium   Skincare

A local natural skincare brand that is 100% youth- and black-woman owned. Corium provides well-formulated skincare products geared towards solving skincare conditions.

Crismo   Enterprise

Establishes and manages clinical research centres in collaboration with the healthcare workers and doctors within the public health institutions.

Elamaswazi   Projects

A prospective youth-owned farming company providing agricultural services to mainly sugarcane growers and other commodity farmers.

Kusasa   Information Systems

A software development company that provides simple, intuitive, and powerful technology that empowers people and organisations to achieve their full potential.

Reel   Gardening

A biodegradable seed tape that anchors seed at the correct depth and distance apart, and the paper eventually decomposes to produce compost in the soil.

SA   Polyhammer

An engineering company focused on manufacturing metallurgical and Polymer products for the mining industry.

Sigma   International

A consulting and enterprise development company that delivers a range of innovative, strategic, and sustainable solutions to businesses, projects and communities.

The Awareness   Company

R 500 000

Wonki   Ware

Specialises in handmade pottery dinnerware, servers and platters. All of Wonki Ware’s pottery team are trained and skilled artisans.