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Start your business 30 October 2020

How to write the perfect emailer

Master the art of writing email marketing messages with these eight tips.
Gail Goodman

Email marketing is an easy and cost-effective way to reach your target audience and everyone’s looking for the magic formula. These top tips will help you write emails that convert and produce results.

1. Choose a great subject line

Steer clear of misleading or mysterious subject lines. Nothing screams spam louder than “How are you?”. An effective subject line includes a benefit and relates directly to your offer, such as: “Save 60% on...”

2. Have a solid hook

The first few sentences contain your hook and are the most critical part of your email. The hook is the central message of your mailing. It should be clear and intriguing. Be sure it focuses on what a customer will get, not on what you offer.

3. Tell readers what to do

Your email should have two or three paragraphs with a total length of less than 250 words. It should support your hook using benefits, then close with a call to action that tells your readers what you want them to do.

4. Use clear, direct language

A well-written message uses the active voice and has short, concise sentences. This is crucial because half of your recipients will only read the first few sentences. If their attention isn’t grabbed, they’ll disengage, and you’ll lose them. If writing isn’t your strong point, consider hiring an email copywriter.

5. Focus on your offer

Your email should have one subject only. Resist the temptation to make multiple offers, which may confuse your recipients and dilute your message.

6. Don’t drop the ball

Some email marketing messages fall short because they fail to include all the information customers need. Be sure to include vital data, such as pricing and deadlines. It’s unreasonable to expect customers to visit your site to get the information they need to evaluate your email offer.

7. Make it readable

Even the best copy can’t sell if your email looks too dense. Keep paragraphs to three or four lines and double-spaced. Use bullets or stars to emphasise key points but avoid text in all caps or multiple exclamation points. Also, make sure it appears well on both mobile and desktop and avoid breaking or wrapping URLs into two lines. Eliminating these kinds of technical problems will make it easier for customers to take advantage of your offer and dramatically boost your results.

8. Include a postscript

While a postscript isn’t mandatory, it grabs attention. Often, recipients will read the subject line and the hook, scan key elements and go directly to the P.S. It should restate your hook and highlight your offer. After the PS, give recipients a way to unsubscribe from your list. This is generally the last link at the bottom of the email.