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Tri Toad Nursery, crowdfunding beneficiary

Grows from Seedling to Success with Standard Bank Crowdfunding Partnership.

The context

Sheena Paulus, the owner of Tri Toad Nursery located in the Western Cape, embarked on a commercial seedling nursery project in June 2022. She identified a gap in her community and aimed to grow organic vegetables to supply local retailers. Facing the challenges of limited funding and few women in the industry, Sheena sought opportunities to realize her nursery's potential. After discovering the Standard Bank Crowdfunding partner page, she decided to take a leap of faith.


The challenge

Sheena lacked financial backing to sustain her nursery and fulfil her goal of acquiring a business vehicle. While she had received capital inputs from the Department of Agriculture, she needed additional funds to manage nursery costs and expand her clientele. Tri Toad Nursery faced the hurdles of limited resources and a male-dominated industry.

The solution

Sheena applied for crowdfunding through Standard Bank and launched an impressive campaign, securing R100,900 in funds. Although she could not purchase a vehicle, the money supported her nursery operations and attracted more customers. With improved resources, Tri Toad Nursery flourished, ensuring its viability, and enhancing its reputation.

The outcome

Since receiving the crowdfunding funds, Sheena's nursery achieved significant milestones.

  • Tri Toad Nursery successfully supplied its first retailer and experienced remarkable growth, expanding its customer base. Furthermore, the nursery extended support to various community gardens, including those in schools. By pledging to donate seedlings to local schools or community food gardens, Sheena continued to make a positive impact on food security.
  • Tri Toad Nursery, which initially comprised only Sheena, now employs nine staff members. Sheena's plans include purchasing a nursery as part of her expansion strategy and continuing to involve her daughters in the agricultural industry.

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Sheena Paulus, Managing Director at Tri Toad (Pty) Ltd

"Our mission is driven by a profound love for community and a deep-rooted passion for making a positive impact in food security".

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