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Fleet products and services that comply with Shari’ah principles
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Shari’ah Fleet Management

Reliable, Shari’ah fleet management solutions that will keep your fleet running.

Some of the benefits

Shari’ah compliant

Products designed to ensure Shari’ah compliance and certified by our Shari’ah Advisory Committee


Choose the solution that best suits your business needs and adjust your requirements as you grow

Cashflow management

Solutions to assist you in efficiently managing your fleet costs

Improved visibility

Lower your fleet costs by having absolute visibility and control of your fleet expenses
Our Products
Shari’ah Fleet Card content tile
Shari’ah Fleet Card

A product that will allow customers to pre-load their fleet account with funds for vehicle related purchases

Shari’ah Full Maintenance and Operating Rental content tile
Shari’ah Full Maintenance and Operating Rental

Fleet management solutions that will enable customers to finance and manage their vehicle fleet

We also offer
Shariah Forward Exchange Contracts product image
Shari’ah Forward Exchange Contracts (FEC)

The first Shari’ah-compliant FEC in South Africa to be contracted under the ISDA (International Swaps and Derivatives Association) Tahawwut Framework. This product allows you to hedge out your real foreign exchange (FX) risks in a Shari’ah-compliant manner.

Shariah Merchant Capital Cash Advance product image
Shari'ah Merchant Capital Cash Advance

Merchant Capital is a leading provider of alternative working capital solutions to SMEs in South Africa, having assisted thousands of retail businesses with millions in funding. A Shari'ah-compliant option is now available.