South Africa

Case study: Fleet management solutions for agri producers

Our client, a large vegetable producer, required a fleet management solution to help in the day-to-day operation, maintenance and upgrading of vehicles used to transport produce to market.


Day-to-day running of the fleet

  • The vegetable producer could not track day-to-day expenses such as fuel and toll fees as drivers were issued with cash
  • Reconciliation of expenses was difficult because receipts were often lost

Fleet maintenance

  • Productivity of the fleet was lost due to unscheduled maintenance on vehicles
  • Vehicle maintenance and repair costs were excessive, and our client required greater control of costs

Upgrading of the fleet

  • The fleet required upgrading after a few years to newer and more efficient models, but buying new vehicles proved costly for the agribusiness


Fleet management card

  • Our fleet management cards provided our client with a safe and convenient way for drivers to pay for fuel, oil, repairs and road tolls
  • Our transaction validation systems and controls provided additional peace of mind for our client by reducing the business’s vulnerability to fraud

Managed maintenance solution

  • We provided our client with a maintenance monitoring system, ensuring that vehicle maintenance and repair costs were controlled
  • Proactive authorisation was provided to dealers for services, repairs or tyre replacements, in line with the budgets our client set for the specific make and model of the vehicles
  • Our negotiated costs on behalf of our client with the dealer and any discounts were passed on to the client

Fleet finance solution

  • Since our client needed to upgrade the fleet regularly, a financial lease solution was recommended
  • This provided the client with a greater degree of flexibility at the end of the finance term when disposing of the vehicle, with the option available to own the vehicle after final payment has been made