South Africa

3D Secure

3D Secure is the collective term used for authentication services used by commercial card schemes, including Visa and MasterCard. 3D Secure covers the three primary domains of card security, namely the cardholder, the merchant and the system operator or card supplier.

Aim of 3D Secure

The aim of 3D Secure is to help prevent card fraud by obtaining full authentification for all ecommerce transactions.

3D Secure is mandated the Payment Association of South Africa (PASA) and all ecommerce merchants need to implement 3D Secure for all card transactions where a card is not present at the time of purchase. Standard Bank Merchant Solutions provides merchants with online information and support to understand and be able to implement 3D Secure on their ecommerce platforms.

What merchants need for 3D Secure

  • The merchant’s payment page must be enabled for 3D secure - this could be managed by the PSP
  • A merchant needs to be able to accept and process ecommerce transactions according to 3D Secure standards
    • In most cases, 3D Secure is automatically activated when the first transaction is performed with a 3D Secure merchant
    • With 3D Secure, most cardholders are prompted for a one-time PIN, a static PIN or a password when they make an online purchase
    • 3D needs to be enabled at all times and should not be turned off

Benefits of 3D Secure for merchants

  • Compliance with 3D Secure is mandatory for ecommerce merchants
  • When an ecommerce transaction is fully authenticated by the 3D Secure process, a merchant is protected from the risk of fraud should the cardholder ever dispute the transaction

See 3d Secure brochure