How can fraud and chargebacks impact merchants?

Fraud can impact merchants through lost cards, stolen cards or fraudulently-acquired card information. Chargebacks are costs that may occur if a customer disputes a transaction on a card due to fraud. With a chargeback, a merchant’s account may be debited with the same amount that was originally credited and the merchant also stands to lose the goods or services provided. Besides fraud, chargebacks can also occur due to processing errors, authorisation issues and the non-fulfilment of copy requests. Merchants can avoid chargebacks by following the correct payment processing procedures and by being on the lookout for fraud and reporting suspicious activity immediately.

What is Tap to Pay and how will it benefit my business?

Tap to Pay is a card payment technology designed for secure, quick and easy payments. Tap to Pay cards have the Tap to Pay logo and special antennas imbedded in them to be used on Tap to Pay devices. A merchant or cashier initiates the transaction and the cardholder simply taps their card on the screen of the Point of Sale (POS) device to process the payment. No PIN or signatures are required. Standard Bank’s new AutoLink POS devices are all Tap to Pay enabled.

What is PCI DSS and how does it help my business?

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It is a set of requirements aimed at helping merchants to protect sensitive cardholder information from possible compromise to prevent fraud. Merchants need to complete an annual compliance review in order to be PCI DSS compliant. Merchants can use Standard Bank Merchant Solution’s Merchant Online portal to access information about PCI DSS and to conduct the compliance assessment. In the event of any fraud or card compromise, merchants who are not compliant with PCI DSS may have to undergo a card brand mandated forensic investigation at their own expense and they would also potentially be at risk of lost sales, loss of customer confidence, fines, penalties for non-compliance, fraud losses and dispute resolution costs. Merchants may also lose their ability to accept payment cards and online payments.

What is Merchant Online and who can use it?

Merchant Online is an innovative self-service online platform designed specifically for Standard Bank merchants. It is a free portal for all merchants using AutoLink, AutoSwitch and BluMobi devices. Merchants can view their transactions, statements and reports from a laptop, tablet or smartphone device.

My device is not working. How do I troubleshoot?

Should your device not be working, we first recommend that you switch it off, check all the power connections, check the battery and then turn the power on again. If you still require assistance, please contact our technical support team and they will help you to identify the problem. We also provide call centre support services and training for merchants and their staff – either face-to-face or remotely.

Do you have training material for the merchant products and services?

Please contact us should you require training as this is available to all of our merchants, either face-to-face at your premises or remotely.

How long does settlement take?

Standard Bank Merchant Solutions offers same-day settlement to merchants operating Standard Bank accounts. For non-Standard Bank accounts, settlement is done within one to two working days. Remember to sign into Merchant Online for a detailed view of all your transaction details.