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8:27PM | Wednesdays | From 18 July-29 august 2018

We understand. Starting your own business is always daunting. But what if you had nothing to lose?

That little voice in your head that says you can’t, your job, your family, your responsibilities.

Welcome to My Fearless Next

where you stand a chance to WIN your salary for a year* to start your NEXT.

About the campaign

They can join fellow entrepreneurs at our boot camps, where they'll meet inspirational mentors and have access to their expertise.

The winner will win more than a year's salary. They'll receive the support they need from Standard Bank and our mentors to help them thrive as a full-time entrepreneur.

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Tune into
8:27PM | Wednesdays | From 18 July-29 august 2018
Rams Mabote
Rams Mabote Media Man

For as long as I can remember, I have always been known as someone who speaks, someone with an opinion, someone who leads. From the time I was a kid when my parents always shouted "shut your mouth" to way up to high school and beyond where I was the guy that would always choose to article a view on behalf of my schoolmates or peers. In spite of the fact that I was a maths and science whiz kid, I ended up in a different world, the world of public relations and reputation. It makes sense why everything that I did and do, speaks to that. From being a stage actor, to a journalist, to a public relations strategist, current affairs advisor, an author, a reputation manager as well as a radio and television presenter. I have also launched an award-winning successful business as a coach for corporate professionals and entrepreneur.

Bulelani Balala Entrepreneur | Speaker

Bulelani Balabala is the CEO of Intercessor Army Franchising (IAF Brands), an award-winning Branding & Print company that manufactures branding material. He is also the founder of Township Entrepreneurs Alliance (TEA), a non-profit organisation aimed at creating a national platform for empowering township entrepreneurs with skills, enterprise development & access to market. He is an ambassador of the National Development Plan (NDP) in the Presidency of South Africa.

Bulelani Balala
Farah Fortune
Farah Fortune Founder | Director of African Star Communications

Farah Chirene Fortune, founder & director of African Star Communications (ASC) is a well-known business woman behind many successful corporate and celebrity brands. She is better known to her clients & industry peers as “The Pitbull in Heels”. Farah, born in South Africa, spent most of her childhood and earlier adult years living in Belgium and the United Kingdom, before moving back to South Africa in February 2004. African Star Communications functions through 3 divisions comprising of Celebrity, Corporate Public Relations & Events.

Siphelele Chikowi NtoZinhle Accessories

Business micro brands. This title might seem insignificant on a global scale, but it is this type of business model which is capable of forging authentic customer relationships with customised products, it is changing the way consumers form affiliations. Shopping local is not a trend, it is a conscious awakening to sustainability and individual acknowledgment.

Siphelele Chikowi
Hezron Louw
Hezron Louw Founder & President of Pop-Up Restaurant

Hezron Louw is a South African chef and television personality who rose to fame as a chef contestant on the first season of SABC3 reality competition series Top Chef South Africa. He is also the co-owner of SumTing Fresh, a gourmet street food company he founded with his friend and business partner Andrew Leeuw in 2012 in Johannesburg. Since starting the business after quitting his job at a financial services corporate, the food bus made a name for itself and has offered services to festivals like Bushfire (Swaziland), Oppikoppi and corporate events. Born to Mozambican parents in Ennerdale, Hezron used to hang out at the cafeteria of the hospital where his mother worked.

Thato Kgatlhanye Entrepreneur | Leader | Author

Thato is a new breed of a business woman in Africa, who has been publicly earmarked by Bill Gates to be one of the entrepreneurs to watch on the African continent. With a BA in Brand Management from VEGA, she started her career in New York working with American marketing guru Seth Godin. Upon her return, she founded Rethaka, a group of companies with interests in manufacturing and waste management, which has won countless awards for its first innovation: Repurpose Schoolbags. These are solar powered schoolbags, of which over 10,000 have been distributed across the African continent. Her pursuit to do work that matters, inspired her to author her first book “Start an empire with a brand” and this became the foundation of launching her second company, Seven Twelve, an ideation agency inspiring brands to become intentional about their success.

Thato Kgatlhanye
Tlhompho Mokoena
Tlhompho Mokoena Founder & President of Pop-Up Restaurant

Tlhompho Mokoena- founder and President of pop-up restaurant. The Wing Republic specialises in gourmet chicken wings. Recognising the glaring gap in the pop-up market, Mokoena started The Wing Republic in 2014, to cater to those seeking a gourmet experience at food markets, which have taken the world and Africa by storm. A qualified marketer with a distinguished corporate career, he began in sales and brand management at the South African Breweries (SAB), this later evolved into new business development at the SABC, which prepared him for his last corporate gig role as Marketing Manager at the Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) before running his restaurant on a full time basis.

Dene Botha Founder of Pride Factor and Inspired Youth

Owner and founder of Pride Factor and Inspired Youth – Multimedia multi-media platform aimed at inspiring, guiding and mentoring young people across Africa. TV show presenter (On the Fly –SABC3), radio personality (#InspiredYouthSA on Mondays from 3pm to 4pm), motivational speaker, actor, model, professional sports event commentator, extreme sports athlete, Forex trader and presenter, brand ambassador, rhino activist and all round lover of life. (…and a self-claimed braai-master)!

He’s a self-taught entrepreneur and has started several successful businesses including a restaurant, a high performance surf school, a brand ambassador training programme, and now Pride Factor which he believes is a culmination of his life’s work.

Dene Botha

My Fearless Next is an exciting competition that gives you the chance to win* your salary for a year, so you can get your business off the ground without having to worry about money! If you’ve got a great business idea, or an existing business you’d like to grow and develop, enter My Fearless Next and turn your part-time passion into full-time business success!

As long as you are 18 years of age or older, live permanently in South Africa and operate an income-generating business, you can enter My Fearless Next.

The competition starts on Monday, 4 June 2018 and ends on Friday, 19 July 2018

Yes, you will need a Standard Bank Elite, Prestige, Private Banking, BizLaunch or Business current account to enter. If you do not bank with us yet, If you do not bank with us yet, to learn more about our account offerings, please select the option that is relevant for you: Business or Personal.

No, your business does not have to be registered to enter My Fearless Next.

The winner will receive their annual personal income up to a total amount of R1-million*, as well as business coaching sessions and general support.

The My Fearless Next mentors are inspirational South African entrepreneurs who will share their expertise and experiences of starting a business from scratch. They are:

Hezron Louw: Sumting Fresh
Bulelani Balabala: TEA and IAF Brand
Siphelele Chikowi: Ntozinhle Accessories
Thato Kgatlhanye: Repurpose Schoolbags
Farah Fortune: African Star Communications
Dene Botha: Pride Factor and Inspired Youth
Tlhompo Mokoena: The Wing Republic

As South Africa’s leading business bank, we believe in the incredible spirit of entrepreneurship – and that every business deserves the chance to be successful. We also understand the challenges you face – the fear of taking that leap into the unknown and the fear of not having a guaranteed income while you try and get your business off the ground. My Fearless Next gives you the chance to win* a year’s salary so you can start your business fearlessly and move forward with confidence!