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Cellphone Banking

Cellphone banking product detail

Bank securely from your cellphone - anywhere, anytime. Get access to your bank accounts by dialling *120*2345# and pay your bills, buy data, and make payments.



Some of the benefits

Convenient banking

Enjoy 24/7 banking on any cellphone - no smartphones or data needed

Safe and secure

Your bank account is protected even if your phone gets stolen

Easy top-ups

Top up your cellphone even if you don’t have airtime or data by dialling *130*2345#

UCount Rewards

Earn up to 50 Rewards Points if you’re a UCount member by making three transactions a month

Have a look at our latest and most popular features, what it costs to use Cellphone Banking, and how you can get it.

self service banking
10 benefits of downloading our app
10 Benefits to using our app

Wherever you are or wherever you’re going, banking has never been this easy and convenient. With your Standard Bank App, it only takes reaching into your pocket to fulfil your every banking need.

online payments
7 Tips for Searching for a Job
How to make online payments

Online payments are not only faster than manual payments, it is also safer and more convenient. With Standard Bank, you can easily pay your beneficiaries or make once-off payments through Internet Banking.

Increase you loan limit
How to increase your Revolving Loan or Overdraft limit

Do you have a Revolving Loan or Overdraft with us and need to top-up your funds? We have made it easy for you to increase your limits from the comfort of your own home by enabling you to do it online.

managing your money
MasterPass your digital wallet
How Masterpass works

Shopping on your computer, tablet or smartphone has never been easier thanks to Masterpass, the digital wallet payment service that makes shopping online in South Africa as simple as ‘click and pay’.

managing your money
Managing bond arrears
Reverse your debit order in 10 easy steps

Reversing unauthorised debit orders shouldn’t be a hassle, so instead of visiting a branch or calling one of our consultants, simply log into your Internet Banking profile and reverse it from there.

How to get an online loan
How to get an online loan

It wasn’t so long ago that you had to visit your nearest bank - tons of paperwork in tow - to apply for a personal loan.

Register now to benefit from paying with your Credit, Cheque or Debit card.


Using any qualifying Standard Bank personal Credit, Cheque or Debit card.


Rewards Points on all your qualifying purchases.


Rewards Points in four easy ways. Improve your Tier Level and earn even more Rewards Points.

Banking app product detail
Banking App

Experience easy and secure banking on the go by downloading our Banking App on your smartphone or tablet.

Visit the App Store or Google Play today.

Online Banking product detail
Internet Banking

Don’t let branch hours restrict you. Whether you want to reverse unauthorised debit orders, pay your bills, or make international payments; our Internet Banking lets you bank 24/7 from any device.