Titanium credit card

  • No transaction fees on purchases
  • Basic automatic Travel Insurance cover when purchasing travel ticket using the Titanium Credit Card


Your Titanium credit card benefits include:

  • Free Internet, Telephone and Cellphone banking when you link your Internet profile to your Credit card.
  • Free basic travel insurance when you pay for travel tickets with your Standard Bank Credit card.
  • No point-of-sale transaction fees when you swipe your credit card at a merchant.
  • Free electronic statements sent directly to your email address.
  • Free, convenient secondary cards for the main cardholder’s spouse, partner or children.
  • Free lost card protection, protecting you against fraudulent transactions on your stolen or lost card if you report it to us.
  • Free budget facility.
  • Free account limit changes.
  • Free ATM balance enquiries if you choose to display your balance on the screen.
  • You receive up to 55 days' interest-free credit. If you use it wisely, it can be your most effective financial management tool.
  • You have control over how you spend your credit card limit, as the revolving and budget limits are combined into a single account limit.


Plus, you also get:

  • One free cash deposit per month at any Standard Bank AutoBank
  • One free balance enquiry at any Standard Bank AutoBank or AutoPlus

If your Titanium credit card is linked to a Prestige Plus current account, your annual card fee will be waived. Click here for more information on the Prestige offering.


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