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Goals-based financial planning

Goals-based investing changes how you think about money. No longer do you see it as a regular contribution into a fund, but rather another step taking you closer toward a lifestyle goal.

Standard Bank Financial Consultancy has adopted a methodology, which emphasises Goals-Based Financial Planning. This means that we start with the end in mind, and work backwards to your current situation in order to develop a plan that will allow you to reach your goals.

How it works?

With goals-based financial planning you can:

  • place your goals at the centre of the advice process
  • align investment product choice with your goals
  • create a different investment strategy for each of your goals
  • shift your focus from ‘relative returns’ and market performance
  • view your investments in relation to meeting your lifestyle and financial goals
  • gain greater discipline, confidence and clarity and are less likely to panic about market volatility

Our methodology starts off with helping you identify goals that apply to all aspects of your life. We then create a plan that will allow you to reach your goals.

We use our GoalStandard range of funds as the basis for your investment plan. These funds are designed to accommodate varying investment terms and risk profiles, and deliver differing returns.

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