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Financial Planning

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Ensuring that you achieve your dreams.

We want to help you explore your wealth creation and financial goals and show you the best ways to achieve them.

Start by answering some questions
Think about the following when you’re busy with financial planning:
  • What will happen if you’re retrenched?
  • What will happen to your family if you die, become disabled or lose your ability to earn an income?
    • Does your Will still reflect your wishes?
    • Will there be enough in your Estate to take care of your family?
  • Are you investing for both short- and long-term goals, i.e. buying your dream home, saving for your children’s education or a dream holiday, and preparing for retirement?
To help you answer those questions we focus on 5 key areas
1. Create and build
We help you position yourself for success

2. Save and invest
We help you create long-term value

3. Live and enjoy
We help you enjoy your life with a sense of peace

4. Share and legacy
We help you leave something for future generations

5. Plan and protect
We help you protect yourself, your family and your assets
Want to talk to someone about your financial goals?

Want to talk to someone about your financial goals?

We also offer
In financial distress product detail
Debt care Centre

Are you in financial distress?

You're in financial distress if you find it challenging to meet your debt payments and household expenses with your current income. Our Debt Care Centre can help you. If you’re looking for different ways to pay your debts, here are some convenient options.

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Are your accounts in arrears?

Have you missed a repayment on one of your Standard Bank credit agreements? Are you receiving calls or messages because of missed Standard Bank payments? We can help you through these difficult times.