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Shari'ah Fiduciary Solutions 

Shariah Fiduciary Solutions

At Standard Trust Limited, our range of unique Shari'ah Fiduciary Solutions hold true to the Shari’ah principles of tradition and innovation, assisting you in achieving peace of mind through careful planning.

Give life to your legacy.

Some of the Benefits

Team of experts

Dedicated experts who can help you draw up your Will and serve as impartial, fiduciary trustees and executors for your Trusts and Estates

Trusted brand

Our extensive footprint means there is always help nearby


Protect your financial assets and preserve and grow your wealth for future generations by carefully planning your estate

Peace of mind

Know that you and your dependents will be cared for by a dedicated officer
With our end-to-end Shari'ah Compliant Fiduciary Services, we offer:
Estate planning
  • Estate Planning is a comprehensive plan that provides financial security through careful management and distribution of your estate to your family when you are no longer there 
  • It fulfils an essential religious duty. If you die without leaving a Will, you are deemed to have died ‘intestate’, and your wealth will be distributed in accordance with the South African laws of intestate succession- which does not apply the same criteria as those laid down by Shari’ah Law (Islamic Law)
  • You will have a legally valid Will in terms of the Wills Act (South African law) 
  • It ensures that your wishes are followed and distributed according to Shari’ah Law after you have passed away
  • The share of each heir has been defined and explained by the Almighty, on who inherits and who does not inherit. Your Will is required to conform to Islamic principles relating to inheritance 
  • Creating a Testamentary or Will Trust complies with the principles of Shari’ah law to protect the assets of your beneficiaries and to provide for them after you have passed on 
  • It could potentially create savings on estate duty, Executor's fees and transfer costs 
  • You can create a Shari'ah-compliant Inter Vivos Trust during your lifetime that's designed to protect your assets for a specific purpose and particular beneficiaries 
Wills and Safe Custody  
  • Not having a Will in place before you die will result in your wealth being distributed in accordance with the South African laws of intestate succession (which is not Shari'ah-compliant)
  • Our digitally designed Will drafting process means that all information is electronically captured and processed resulting in a systematically populated Will which caters for Hanafi and Shafi’i schools of thought
  • Our Will drafting process applies the Islamic law of succession and is certified by our Shari'ah Advisory Committee  
  • Your Will is kept safe, protected against theft, fraud, loss, manipulation and destruction and is readily available upon your request or that of your Executor 

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Estate Adminstration
  • Ensuring that your wishes are followed after you have passed away and that your loved one’s financial needs are taken care of
  • A Muslim executor will be appointed to attend to your estate's administration and will exercise all duties and responsibilities with due consideration to Shari'ah Law 
  • A certificate will be obtained from a certified Muslim Judicial body setting out the distribution of your estate in accordance with the Islamic Law of succession 


  • A Muslim trustee will be appointed to the attend to the administration of the Trust and will exercise all duties and responsibilities in accordance with Shari’ah Law
  • Shari’ah compliant investment principles apply

Testamentary/Will Trust

  • A Testamentary trust may be set up in terms of your Will to be established upon your death
  • It serves to protect any interests of minors or dependents who may not be able to look after their own finances at the time of your passing away
  • Avoids assets being overseen by the guardian’s fund
Inter Vivos Trust
  • A bespoke product offering added to our client solutions built upon and guided by Shari'ah principles so that your assets will be safeguarded for the benefit of your beneficiaries
  • A Muslim trustee will be appointed to attend to the Trust's administration and will exercise all duties and responsibilities per Shari'ah Law
  • A Shariah-compliant investment policy will be applied  

An Inter Vivos Trust offering makes provision for the following:

  • the holding of all assets in a Shari'ah-compliant manner for the benefit of beneficiaries 
  • may carry out charitable objectives and benefit favoured causes
  • caters for continuity and uncertainties such as death, divorce, insolvency, and increase in family size or fortunes
  • future beneficiaries may receive prescribed benefits according to a flexible distribution arrangement
  • the flexibility of dealing with your assets during your lifetime
  • the possibility of structuring your affairs in a tax-efficient manner
  • the Islamic Law of Succession will apply upon the death of a beneficiary
  • is certified by the Shari'ah Advisory Committee
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