Potential franchisees should consider the following before committing to an opportunity:

  • Will I be happy operating on my own but in accordance with rigid guidelines?
  • Does the particular type of business suit my personality and interests?
  • Can I comfortably acquire the knowledge and expertise to operate in the chosen industry?

What we offer?

  • Packaged Product Offerings:
    • Business Current Accounts
    • Business Revolving Credit Plan
    • Medium Term Loans
    • Vehicle and Asset Finance
    • Payment and Collection solution
    • Electronic Banking Facilities
    • Insurance
  • Franchisee Relationship Management
    • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Sector Understanding
    • Franchising sector expertise

Application for finance checklist:

  • Personal Balance Sheet/s of shareholders/directors/members;
  • Pro-forma balance sheet (start-up);
  • Cash Flow, Income and expenditure statement (projected for 1-year period);
  • Latest annual financial statements and management accounts (if existing business take-over)
  • List of assets to be financed;
  • Proof of owners / shareholders/directors/members;
  • Security offered / available.

Additional supporting documentation:

  • Comprehensive business plan and SWOT analysis;
  • Identity documents of all partners/members/directors;
  • Curriculum vitae's for each member of management;
  • Company/Corporation registration documents;
  • Partnership/Shareholders/Members agreement (if applicable);
  • Copy lease agreement for premises to be leased;
  • Copy of the signed Franchise Agreement;
  • Copy of the signed Sale Agreement (existing business).
  • 6 months bank statements of all members, shareholders.


Customer Care line

0860 123 000 / +27 11 299 4701

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