Current account solutions

Student Achiever

As a scholar or student (16-23 years old), you live life to the fullest and need a bank account that matches your hectic lifestyle, allowing you to bank anywhere at any time. You want an account which is affordable, convenient and gives you options to meet your individual financial needs.

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Graduate and Professional banking

Getting serious about your job? Then get serious about your money.If you're graduating or entering your chosen profession, we have the solutions to meet your changing financial needs and goals. Email


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Elite banking

If you earn over R8 000 pm or have a three year degree or diploma and earn R5000 a month, Elite Banking is for you. As your life changes and evolves, so your financial needs become more complex. We understand that and have designed Elite Banking specifically to keep pace with your changing lifestyle needs.

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Prestige banking

You qualify for the Prestige Banking offering if you earn a minimum gross monthly income of R25 000 or more, or if you hold a 3 Year Undergraduate Degree with Honours, earning a minimum gross monthly income of R5 000 or more. You will gain access to a dedicated team to assist you with your day-to day banking needs as well as your business and personal financial planning. Simplify your banking today, email or call 0860 001 321.

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Private Banking

Standard Bank Private Banking offers discreet and proactive solutions to the multitude of financial needs and requirements present in the busy schedules of our clientele. You qualify for Private Banking if you earn a minimum per annum salary of R700 000 or more. Or if you have a qualification from a South African university with a classic professional degree (click here for a list) within the last three years, are employed or training while being employed to become a Chartered Accountant, Actuary, Medical Doctor or Medical Specialist, Engineer, Attorney or Advocate, you may qualify to join Standard Bank Private Banking.

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Consolidator Banking

If you're over 55 and looking for a simple way to run your finances, then Standard Bank Consolidator is the account for you. It's a single, easy-to-understand financial package that embraces all the services you expect from your bank.

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