PIN over IVR for your Commercial Credit card

How to obtain your PIN using IVR (interactive voice response)

You can now receive your PIN number for cash withdrawals and point of sale transactions via your cell phone or landline through Interactive Voice Response (IVR). This convenient service enables you to obtain your PIN anywhere on any day with no dependency on the Standard Bank branch network. You can always change your PIN number at a Standard Bank ATM. Remember to have your SA ID number and cellphone number handy.

Steps to obtain your Pin number:

Step 1. Using your CELL PHONE or LANDLINE, dial:

0861 001 030 [if in South Africa]

+27 11 216 5402 [if Outside of South Africa]

Please note that you must have international roaming enabled on your cell phone in order to make use of this facility overseas.

Step 2. Then select OPTION 4 for IVR Pin Play back. Accept the Terms and Conditions to continue

Step 3. Then complete the authentication process by Entering your 13 digit identity number and, select OPTION ONE to confirm this.

Step 4. The Voice Prompt will then prompt you to Enter your three digit CVV NUMBER (found at the back of the card). You then select OPTION ONE to confirm this number.

Step 5. You will then be prompted to enter YOUR 10 DIGIT CELL PHONE NUMBER which was provided to Standard Bank followed by OPTION ONE to confirm this.

Step 6. Once you have been successfully authenticated, a 5 digit One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your cellphone. This OTP is valid for 30 minutes only.

You must enter your five digit OTP using your cell phone or landline keypads.

You must then select OPTION TWO to confirm the five digit OTP.

Step 7. Once the five digit OTP has been confirmed, the pin number will be voiced to you via the IVR

Step 8. You will then be able to use the new pin number to transact at any of the ATMs*

Please note: if you change your cell phone number you must contact the Commercial card Call Centre