Small capital handbooks

If you run your own business you are always looking for ways to grow. As the country's leading business bank we understand this and have developed guides with practical information and advice to assist you. The Small Capital Handbooks cover issues such as; starting a business, managing growth, marketing and finance.

 Issue 1 (.pdf format - 1.40MB)
Focuses on starting and managing your business. It contains tips, tools and "must have" references you need to save time, share knowledge and secure maximum returns on your business investment.

 Issue 2 (.pdf format - 1.50MB)
Focuses on expanding your business and managing growth. It offers hints, tips and valuable checklists to help you turn your small business of today into the powerhouse of tomorrow.

 Issue 3 (.pdf format - 2.82MB)
Explores why strong financial management is key to the securing your business's future. It covers everything from finding bank finance, tackling investors and approaching government, to managing debt, credit and financial relationships with banks, suppliers and customers - just what you need to avoid the financial hangover.

 Issue 4 (.pdf format - 1.94MB)
Focuses on the ins and outs of marketing - what it involves, why every business needs it, and how you can do it better.

 Issue 5 (.pdf format - 2.10MB)
The BBBEE issue!

 Issue 6 (.pdf format - 1.68MB)
The technology issue (Part 1)!

 Issue 7 (.pdf format - 3MB)
The technology issue! You don't need to know how a technology works but you should know what it can do for your business. Here's your chance to learn how.

 Issue 8 (.pdf format - 2.87MB)
The “people” factor! Business success starts and ends with people – your employees, customers and even your suppliers. You can't please all of them all of the time. But can you get pretty close?

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