0rlando Pirates Credit card

As an Orlando Pirates fan, you're proud to be a supporter of your team, just as we are proud to be an official partner of this famous club. Now, with an Orlando Pirates credit card, you can help us support your favourites - the club will earn a fee from each purchase you make with your card.

Benefits include:

  • An account credit limit, which you may use for either a revolving facility or budget facility. You choose how to use your account credit limit.
  • The budget facility is for purchases over R200 with a repayment period of 6 to 60 months, depending on the transaction amount.
  • Paying as little as 7,5% of each month's outstanding balance or R25, whichever is more, plus the budget instalments if applicable.
  • All deposits you make into your card account greater than the full outstanding closing balance on the revolving facility will automatically be credited to the outstanding balance on your budget facility.
  • Paying by automatic payment order so that you never miss a payment.
  • Easy, accurate record-keeping - monthly statement has details of each transaction.
  • Free lost card protection to cover you against any loss, other than PIN-based transactions, arising from fraudulent use of your lost or stolen card (conditions apply).
  • Air tickets charged in full to your card come with free travel insurance, which can be upgraded for an additional fee (conditions apply).
  • An affordable credit settlement plan.
  • No transaction fees on purchases.
  • You can use your card worldwide.
  • A 24-hour authorisation service.

With your credit card there's no need to carry cash or a chequebook, and there are no transaction fees charged for your purchases.

It's the ideal way to pay - no purchase is too large or too small. By charging your purchases to your credit card, you only have one statement to control.

Your card is ideal to use when you travel as it is accepted by over 31 million merchants, and at MasterCard and Cirrus ATMs worldwide.

You can also use your card in South Africa for electronic account payments and transfers, and to obtain cheques at an AutoPlus machine.

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