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#BeatTheScam by learning everything you need to know about safe banking.

Security Centre

Report fraud and equip yourself with essential tools, tips and tricks to avoid falling prey to fraud and bank scams.


New scams pop up all the time and it’s important to stay vigilant.

We will never ask you to share your personal information over the phone, in an SMS, on WhatsApp, or on email.

The Security Centre is here to help you keep up to date with the latest news, fraud, and ways you can protect yourself.

How security can help you
Gain knowledge to empower yourself in recognising and avoiding fraud
Access a range of tools and tips to help make your digital banking easy and safe
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Stay up to date with the latest banking scams and be on the lookout for #BeatTheScam on social platforms
Easily report suspicious activities on your accounts or scams you might have fallen victim to
Learn how to protect yourself
Bank Safely Security Centre content tiles
Bank Safely

Bank safely by practising our tips and transact with confidence knowing that your accounts and personal infor...

DigiMe Security Centre content tiles

DigiMe is an innovative solution designed to ensure that your digital profile is strong and secure.

Scams Security Centre content Tiles

New types of scams continue to emerge in which fraudsters lure you into providing confidential info - often via e...

MyUpdates Security Centre content tiles

Stay informed and in control of your accounts by registering for unlimited SMS or email alerts of the activity in your account.

Learn how to protect your business
3D Secure Security Content Tiles
3D Secure

3D Secure is the collective term used for authentication services used by commercial card schemes, including Visa

Fraud Charge Backs Security Centre content tiles
Fraud and chargebacks

Read our practical tips to protect your business from fraud and suspicious transactions.

Banking App safety features
DigiMe 2

Making your app even safer and easier to use by uploading a scan of your face and ID. Tell me more

VAS Security Centre content tiles
Verify an account number

Learn how to verify a bank account number before you make a payment.

Preferred Devices Security Centre content tiles
Preferred devices

Receive security notifications and authorisations on your preferred device.

Unlink of Your App Security Centre content tiles
Unlink your app

Lost or stolen cellphone or mobile device - unlink your banking app from your device IMMEDIATELY!