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How self-service banking makes life better
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How self-service banking makes life better

Being able to do your banking from wherever you like and whenever you want makes handling your finances easier. With our range of self-service banking options, you can manage your money your way.

Our self-service channels empower you with access to the tools, options and products for your every banking need. So, that you’re able to do more on your terms.


How does self-service banking work?

Self-service banking gives you more banking options to fulfil your needs by letting you perform any of your banking activity through a platform of your choice. It provides you with banking services that meet you where you are, when you need it.

You can do everything from transacting, to opening accounts, paying bills, and more – from a device or channel most convenient to you – without ever having to step into a branch. Where, how, and when you bank is up to you with our self-service channels, which include:

Why use self-service banking channels?

1. It’s convenient and versatile
Visiting a bank can be inconvenient and time-consuming. By using our self-service channels, you have access to all of our banking capabilities. You can also seamlessly switch between channels and devices, with all your information in a central place.

2. You’ve got choice and flexibility
You decide which platform you prefer, when you want to do your banking, and how often you want to do it. There are no specific hours, locations or time constraints. All our services, products and resources are available to you 24/7.

3. It’s fast and efficient
All your transactions, transfers and payments are done immediately and in real-time, whenever you prefer. You don’t have to step out later or wait until tomorrow when the branch opens. This means that banking now fits into your lifestyle and your schedule.

4. It’s simple and easy
With easy-to-use and easy-to-understand channels, day-to-day banking is straightforward and effortless. Making a transaction or transferring money can be as simple as opening our app or going online. You can also pay your traffic fines, download bank statements, buy data and airtime, or reach out for customer service and support.

Plus, you can learn more about all our services and account features through the Help Centre feature on our app. Simply click on the question mark at the top right corner of the screen and access a world of videos, guides and how-tos to help you make the most of our app and your banking experience.

5. Safe and secure
You never have to leave the safety of your home or wait in a queue. With 24-hour access to all your accounts, you’ve also got oversight of your account activity at all times. Your account is password protected, with regular security updates and you can verify transactions using OTPs.

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