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PureSave Account: Same product, better features

A savings account is ideal if you want to keep your money for your future needs, but it’s even better when it helps you grow your money and lets you use it for whatever you need today. When you open a PureSave Account, you get the best of both worlds: transacting and shopping today and savings and earning interest for tomorrow.

A PureSave Account is an all-in-one money management solution that helps you earn interest on your savings and gives you the freedom and flexibility to use it for your day-to-day purchases and payments, like buying airtime and data or sending Instant Money. All this and you don’t have to worry about a minimum opening deposit.

How does a PureSave Account work?

Usually, you’d only use your transactional account for your everyday payments, and if you wanted to grow your money by earning interest, you’d have to open a separate savings account.

A PureSave Account lets you do both: saving and transacting within the same account, without having debit orders or paying monthly management fees. It also helps you grow your money by earning a competitive interest rate of up to 2.5%*, and you have anytime access to your money without penalties. Putting you in control of what your money is doing and where it’s going.

A PureSave Account is easy to open. You don’t even need a minimum amount to open it and you can get your salary paid directly into so that you can safely and conveniently use it for all your daily banking needs.

What are the benefits of a PureSave Account?

  • Best of everything
    This account allows you to grow your money and use it when you want. You can receive your salary in it and make payments and purchases on our digital platforms and cash networks, while still adding to your savings.
  • Your money, your way
    No debit orders, zero monthly fees, no minimum opening deposit and affordable transactional fees mean you control what’s happening with your money.
  • Competitive interest rate
    Earn up to 2.5%* interest on any credit balance to grow your savings more effectively.
  • Accessible and flexible
    Enjoy anytime access to your savings without penalty and use your account for your daily transactions and payments.
  • Everyday convenience
    Your account comes with a gold debit card that you can use in-store, online, on your app and at an ATM. You can also buy prepaid airtime and electricity, play Lotto, make account payments and make Instant Money transactions.
  • Get rewarded
    Every time you use your PureSave Account for purchases in-store or online, you could earn UCount Rewards Points, and then redeem them back into your PureSave Account – turning your Rewards Points into money that grows.

How to open a PureSave Account

  • You can apply on your app, via Internet Banking or at your nearest branch.
  • Search for PureSave Account under Savings and Investment and follow the steps to open an account.
  • If you’re applying at your nearest branch, bring your South African ID or passport and latest proof of residence.

*Terms and conditions apply.