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Quick, convenient investing based on our experience

Advisory and Execution services

Experienced investors often prefer to have their hand on the controls. In partnership with a Melville Douglas portfolio manager, you can do just that.

Some of the benefits


Access a team of researchers with decades of investment expertise

Prompt support

Get advice, ideas and execution from our team of expert when you need it

Trading support

Get access to the world’s markets and trades for your investment growth

Personalised investment platform

We will provide you with a secure, interactive online trading capability to take control of your investments.
Advisory Services

Make your own investment decisions with professional advice every step of the way.

Working in partnership with a Melville Douglas Portfolio Manager, you are able to make informed choices about your investments based on our expert research and knowledge of markets.

As part of this service, you will get:

  • Expertise – We provide advise based on our investment process. Every investment opportunity we provide is supported by our dedicated research team
  • Personal attention and support – You have access to an experienced portfolio manager to provide you with professional advice and even execute the investment ideas on your behalf 
  • Investment platform – we provide you with a secure, interactive trading capability to take control of your investments.

We offer the following:

  • Advisory services – a Melville Douglas Portfolio Manager will actively engage with you about our best recommendations that meet your investment objectives
  • Transactional advice – tap into our team of experienced Portfolio Managers at Melville Douglas for individual investment ideas or opportunities.

Find out more about the Melville Douglas advisory service.

Execution services

Quick, convenient investing where you instruct us on the trades you want.

We can execute trades for experienced investors who are confident enough to make self-directed investment decisions without the benefit of advice.

Two ways to trade:

  • Facilitated execution – You provide your Melville Douglas Portfolio Manager with your trading instructions and your order will be executed. No advice is provided
  • Self-directed execution – You trade directly on the Standard Bank Online Share Trading platform that offers access to many global exchanges We offer competitive pricing due to our global presence and dealing experience.

Find out more about the Melville Douglas advisory service.

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