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Quality of life for your loved ones

Life insurance

Life insurance is the most essential type of insurance if you are a bread-winner or have children. The money that is left behind when you die can go a significant way to replacing your income for living expenses.

Do you need life insurance?

Life insurance is a way to take care of your loved ones when you die.

Take a look at your financial responsibilities. If you are playing a financially supportive role in the life of somebody or many, you need to make sure that they will make it without you.

Recognising the right cover.

  • Identify the amount of money that your family would need
  • Choose an insurer that you trust and let them help you to choose insurance that will grow with your needs.
  • Keep up payments no matter what happens.
  • Rather go for lower premiums that you can be consistent with.
  • Review your insurance products regularly.