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Financial education

Wallet Wise is a financial education initiative aimed at empowering you with knowledge on how to plan, manage and make informed financial decisions. Make your money work for you in ways you never imagine with savings and investments, affordable house, responsible borrowing and insurance.


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WalletWise Cyber Crime content tile
Cybercrime and fraud

Be safe from scams "unscammable". Recognise banking scams and know what to avoid in all your financial communications.

WalletWise Alternate banking content tile
Alternative Banking

I value my time and money. Avoid queues and branches and bank from anywhere at any time. It’s fast, mobile and easy.

WalletWise Savings content tile
Savings and investments

I’m smart with my money. No matter how big your financial goals are, you can achieve them with the right saving and investment plans.

WalletWise Insurance content tile

I protect my family and hard-earned money. Plan for all future possibilities and adjust your insurance according to the things that matter to you.

Financial Education-Opening a Bank Account-Content Tile
Opening a bank account

A bank account is a safe and convenient way to manage your money. To open an account, all you need is your ID book and proof of residence. 

Financial Education-Learn About Credit-Content Tile
Learn more about credit

There are different types of credit depending on your needs and the amount you want to borrow.  Read more to learn about the types of credit available.

Financial Education-Buying a home-Content Tile
Home loans

My home loan works for me. Buy your dream home or upgrade the one you have. Make your bond and your home work for you.

Financial Education-Credit Health-Content Tile
Responsible loaning

I can afford my loan. Find out what a well-structured loan can do for you, whether you’re serving small, short-term needs or growing long-term dreams.

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