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Re-spread of arrears

If you contact us soon enough, it's possible to arrange a re-spread of arrears on your account.

If you contact us soon enough, it’s possible to arrange a re-spread of arrears on your account.

We re-spread the arrears amount over the rest of your repayment term, helping you out of arrears and possibly reducing your monthly repayment amount.

To find out if a re-spread of arrears is the right solution for you, get in touch through our Debt Care Centre.

Or find out if you can get a personal loan to consolidate smaller amounts of debt at a lower monthly instalment.*

Revolving credit plan product detail
Revolving loan

Get access to your funds again when you’ve repaid 15% of your loan with the option to increase your original amount over time.

PER personal loan product detail
Term loan

Get the loan you’re looking for at the fixed monthly repayment amount and term you feel comfortable with

PER Overdraft facility product detail

As a credit facility on your bank account, your overdraft is always available when you run over budget.

Credit cards

Instant access to money you’re not carrying as cash. Money you can spend safely and easily in-store, online or overseas.

Student loan product detail
Student loan

Studying full- or part-time? Apply online for pre-approval on a student loan to fund your next-level education.