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Reverse your debit order in 10 easy steps

Reversing unauthorised debit orders shouldn’t be a hassle, so instead of visiting a branch or calling one of our consultants, simply log into your Internet Banking profile and reverse it from there.

Let’s get started

  1. Once you have logged into your Internet Banking profile you will see the ‘Account Summary’ dashboard
  2. Click on ‘Transact’ in the top menu bar
  3. Select the ‘Reverse debit orders’ tile under the ‘Manage’ category
  4. Choose the account on which the debit order is loaded on
  5. We will list all the debit orders that are R500 and less on the selected account
  6. Locate the debit order you want to reverse and click the blue ‘reverse arrow’ on the right
  7. Click on the dropdown menu and select the ‘Reason for reversal’
  8. Click on ‘Next’ to continue
  9. Click the check box to accept the disclaimer
  10. Click on ‘Next’ to continue

Your debit order will now be successfully reversed, and money should reflect into your account in the next 2 business days. It’s that simple!