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Which MyMo Account is best for me?

Alongside the MyMo Account, we’ve launched the new MyMo Plus Account. Here is a summary of the benefits of both accounts so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

The MyMo Bank Accounts are designed for individuals who don’t like spending their hard-earned cash on fees but still want all the features of a transactional bank account. If you’re looking for an account that not only makes banking more affordable but also gives you extras like free* data or airtime, you’ll find it in a MyMo Account or MyMo Plus Account.

But how do they differ? Let’s break down the benefits so you can choose which one fits into your lifestyle.

Card features

Both accounts come with a personalised gold debit card with a secure chip and Tap to Pay functionality for fast, efficient and safe payments at retailers. You don’t need to have a set monthly income, you get free unlimited swipes, and you can create a Virtual Card on your Banking App to make safe and secure purchases online.

You can also buy airtime, data and electricity anytime, send Instant Money to anyone, and link your account to make SnapScan payments using your cellphone.

Applying for either account is easily done using your Standard Bank App or Internet Banking, and as soon as you’ve opened your account, you can start banking immediately on the app for free.

Cost differences

The MyMo and MyMo Plus Accounts put you in control of your finances, how much you want to pay for your banking, and giving you certainty that you’re not paying for anything you don’t want.

A MyMo Account only costs R4.95 per month, and the pay-as-you-transact structure allows you to decide how often and when you want to use it.

If you are a heavy user of your bank account and you make regular transactions, you might prefer a MyMo Plus Account. You’ll still be banking for less, but at a fixed monthly fee of R110 for a bundle of transactions and services. You can use and manage your account 24/7 without having to pay any extra unexpected fees.

Standard Bank Mobile benefits

With either account, you can get a linked Standard Bank Mobile SIM.

On your MyMo Account, you can get a R5 Standard Bank Mobile SIM which could earn you up to R50 airtime or 250MB data. For MyMo Plus, your Standard Bank Mobile SIM costs R42.50 per month, but you can earn your account fee (R110) back in airtime plus 1MB for every R20 spent.

UCount Rewards

MyMo Plus includes a free membership to our UCount Rewards programme that earns you up to 1.25%* back in Rewards Points every time you pay with your card in-store or online. You can use your UCount Rewards Points to pay for anything from fuel to food, travelling and even towards your loan. You decide how you want to spend them.


To apply for a MyMo Account or MyMo Plus Account, you need to:

  • Be 16 years or older
  • Be a South African citizen
  • Have a South African ID**
  • Be living in South Africa
  • Download the app or apply online***

*Terms and conditions apply.

**If you are under 18 years and don’t have an ID, you will need to apply in-branch with your original birth certificate and a certified copy of your parent’s/guardian’s ID.

**You need a South African ID to open the account online. If you are under 18 and have an ID, you can open the account on the Standard Bank App.