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Unit trusts and annuities

Looking for an easy and affordable, low-risk way to share in the rewards of the JSE and other markets? Choose from the range of funds and annuities we offer and start growing in confidence as an investor.

Some of the benefits

Diversify risk

Choose from a broad range of collective investments to reduce risk

Flexible investing

Get immediate and unlimited access to your investment without penalties


Select and adjust your annuity income to match your income needs

Financial security

Take charge of your future with the help of our team of financial experts
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Unit Trusts Content Tile
Unit Trusts

Collective investments offer a convenient and low-cost way to invest in local and global markets. The spread of investments available help to reduce your risk.

Classic Retirement Annuity Fund
Classic Retirement Annuity Fund

Choose between a lump sum, monthly or annual investments. Draw up to a third of your funds on retirement, and re-invest the remainder.

Classic Linked Life Annuity Content Tile
Classic Linked Life Annuity

Get a regular income during retirement for a minimum investment of R 50 000. Income payments are linked to the performance of your investments.

Preservation Fund Content Tile
Pension and provident plans

Transfer your pension or provident fund to these preservation plans without tax penalties. Draw up to a third of your pension plan on retirement and invest the rest.