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What you need to know about bank accounts
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Bank accounts

A bank account is a safe and convenient way to manage your money. Some bank accounts can be opened online, while others have to be opened in-branch. To open an account, all you need is your ID book and proof of residence.

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How to open a bankaccount
How to open a bank account

A bank account is a reliable way to keep your money safe while earning interest. Many jobs nowadays also require you to have a bank account to receive your salary.

Bank account fees and charges
Bank fees and charges

It is important to remember that there are fees involved when you have a bank account. However, bank fees differ between banks and products, and some accounts include a range of service fees for free.

Types of bank accounts
Types of bank accounts

Before opening a bank account, it’s important to understand the different types of accounts available so you can choose one with benefits and services that match your daily needs.

Customer identification
Customer identification

It is law in South Africa that banks keep accurate records of their customers. For that reason, the requirements for opening an account at any bank will be the same.