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Managing your money 22 Mar 2023

Budget Manager add-on

Budgeting is about to get easier with our innovative Budget Manager add-on!
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  • To begin, sign into your Banking App on your mobile device
  • You will land on your Banking App home screen
  • Then select the Add-on Store icon (in the top left-hand corner)
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  • You are now in the Add-on Store
  • Select the search icon (in the top right-hand corner)
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  • Type “Budget manager" into the search bar
  • You will now see the Budget Manager add-on tile
  • Select the ADD button
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  • Your Budget Manager add-on is now loaded onto your Banking App home screen
  • Select DONE to return to your home screen


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You will now see the Budget Manager add-on on your home screen in the Add-on drawer (in the lower section of your home screen).

Hint: You can swipe up on this section to see all your add-ons.

Now let's show you how to use your Budget Manager add-on ...

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The Budget Manager add-on takes the stress out of budgeting by helping you create a budget based on your previous spending habits, so that you can track your spend.

Tap on the Budget Manager tile to view more details.

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Have a look at your pre-populated budget, to take the hassle out of setting up a budget from scratch.

Tap the START button to get started.

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On your Budget Manager Overview screen you can view:

  • Money spent: provides a summary of your spend against your total budget
  • Money in: your income, for you to manage your budget within your monthly income


Let's tap the pencil icon (edit button) to customise your budgeting period.

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Choose the start date for your monthly budgeting period, based on what works best for you!

Now tap on UPDATE START DATE to save your selection.

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Next, tap on the Money spent tile to see more information about your budget.

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Here you will see how much you have left to spend of your monthly budget.

Select the date range that you would like to view and use the category budget below to track your spend against your budget.

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Now tap on a Category card to view more details about your spend in that category.

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Use this view to see how your spend in relation to your budget, has changed over time.

You can also:

  • set your Budget amount to keep track of how much you spend in that category by tapping on the pencil icon (edit button) to customise your budgeting amount
  • view spend transactions to see how you’ve spent within this category.
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Let’s move a transaction from one category to another by simply tapping on the menu next to the transaction.

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Now tap on the category you would like the transaction to be moved to.

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If you have other similar transactions you would like to move at the same time, select the transactions from the list and tap on MOVE.

Alternatively, you can move just a single transaction by tapping MOVE without selecting any other similar transactions.​

The transaction/s will then be moved to the new selected category.

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All done! Tap the back arrow as needed to return to your home screen.

Use Budget Manager regularly to stay on top of your spend and take the stress out of budgeting!